The Radical Left in Arizona – What we’re up against

How many of you have seen the radical left in person and up close? We read about the marching, blocking traffic, taking over meetings and yelling on the news more frequently now. But how many of you really see what’s going on or experience it in person. I promise it becomes much more real when you’re right there in the same room with them and their antics.

I wanted to share a recent experience with you in hopes of bringing their behavior and planned tactics to your attention so you can hopefully see why conservatives need to be more aware, active and educated as to what we’re dealing with.

So, I recently attended a town hall meeting on April 11, 2017 offered to the public by Arizona Congressional District 5 Congressman Andy Biggs. It was moderated by County Supervisor Denny Barney who at the very beginning laid out the rules for the meeting which included no shouting, no speaking out of turn, remain calm and respectful, etc. None of which were adhered to within minutes of the start of the town hall.

In fact it got so loud and obnoxious that Chairman Barney had to mention the rules again a second time, which were still ignored by the large number of irreverent people in the audience. I say irreverent because the venue was a church and they had been asked to respect that.

One woman who sat directly behind me was completely out of control and yelled just about each time the Congressman finished a sentence. I am actually hard of hearing and after several outbursts I turned around to let the woman know that I was hard of hearing and her constant yelling was making it almost impossible for me to hear what was being said. I hadn’t even finished my first sentence when she shoved her hand in my face and yelled directly at me “If you’re deaf then you shouldn’t have a problem with me yelling”! It of course continued and never stopped, even after two more attempts to as politely as I could let her know she was being disruptive and rude.

Here’s the problem though, this is their MO (modus operandi) and it’s all spelled out in this document from a group called Indivisible. “Indivisible” is the term they screamed out while the rest of us were reciting the pledge of allegiance in a normal fashion. In fact, I don’t think it was an accident that they yelled “indivisible” a little early and at the exact time the rest of us were saying “under God”. I had over heard the woman behind me at the start of the meeting when it was announced that the town hall would start with a prayer, say “oh brother, a prayer?” to the woman sitting next to her who said, “It doesn’t surprise me”. This was the same woman who was yelling in my ear.

Some of the tactics outlined in the guide include:

“Other group members around the room should amplify by either booing the MoC or applauding you.” - MoC means Member of Congress.

“Don’t give up the mic until you’re satisfied with the answer.” – I witnessed this from one woman who would not let go of the mic. What’s their definition of “satisfied with the answer” anyway?

Keep the pressure on. After one member of the group finishes, everyone should raise their hands again. The next member of the group to be called on should move down the list of questions and ask the next one.” – In other words, try to overtake the meeting and keep others from asking questions.

Record everything! Assign someone in the group to use their smart phone or video camera to record other advocates asking questions and the MoC’s response. While written transcripts are nice, unfavorable exchanges caught on video can be devastating for MoCs. These clips can be shared through social media and picked up by local and national media.” – I had a phone pointed at me while asking the woman behind me to please stop yelling.

There’s more…

“Be prepared to interrupt and insist on your right to be heard.

Coordinate with each other to chant this message during any public remarks that your MoC makes.” – This means blatantly disrupt the event.

 Hold organizational hosts accountable. Often these events will be hosted by local businesses or nonpartisan organizations — groups that don’t want controversy or to alienate the community. “This will reduce the likelihood that these organizations will host the Trump-friendly MoC in the future.” – This means harass whoever provided a venue or sponsored the event in hopes they will never do it again.

The guide goes on to explain how they should follow up with media after the event, contact media on social media and offer any video they may have gotten and to share everything on their own social media.

The guide quotes socialists.

The guide also quotes people like Bayard Rustin who said “We need in every bay and community a group of angelic troublemakers. Apparently “Rustin became an honorary chairperson of the Socialist Party of America in 1972, before it changed its name to Social Democrats, USA (SDUSA); Rustin acted as national chairman of SDUSA during the 1970s.

There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader. — Alexandre Ledru-Rollin

In France in 1848“he was put forward as the Socialist candidate, but secured only 370,000 votes”

Anyway, I think you get the picture. Take a look at the guide yourself so you know what we’re up against. I don’t condone their actions and I’m not suggesting we do what they do, but we do need to be educated regarding their tactics and push back in appropriate ways. It is my hope that this article will bring to light at least some of the tactics being used to hush those of us who are truly conservative. By being educated, informed and by standing for what is right we can and will always outsmart, out think, outmaneuver and outlast the liberal left.

In the next article I’ll introduce you to some of the people who are directing and pushing the liberal agenda here in Arizona.

We need your help, together we can do more!