What did one RINO say to the other RINO?

Jeff Flake and John Giles were caught on an open mic on Fiday Nov. 17th. The two men obviously thought they were not being heard when Flake said “[We’ve] become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump; we are toast,”. Then Mayor John Giles of Mesa went on to tell Flake “you are the guy” and went on about how funhe thought it would be for Flake to run against Trump so he could point out what an “idiot” he is.

Giles was later seen on Facebook responding to the disapointment expressed by a constituent by saying.




Although he a agrees that voters and the President should be treated with respect, he goes on to say that “Had I been aware, I would have chosen difgferent words.” This statement doesn’t reflect any remorse for what he said, only that he wouldn’t have said it into an open mic had he known he was being recorded.

So, the fact remains, that he actually thinks what he said is true. Are either of these elected officials claims that they are conservative support their actions? Do either of them actually respect voters who voted for Trump? You decide and let us know what you think.