The Radical Left in Arizona – Who’s behind it.

In the last blog post titled The Radical Left in Arizona – What we’re up against we discussed some of the tactics that the left is using to bombard Republican elected officials here in AZ. I also introduced you to the Indivisible Guide that they are using to train themselves and the followers in their groups with. If you haven’t read it already click on the link’s I just mentioned and get informed.

In the last post I mentioned that I would introduce you to some of the people who are directing and pushing the liberal agenda here in Arizona, so let’s get started.

Local Leaders

TJ Cuddy

Photo by AZ Republic

TJ is a Phoenix area “Progressive Activist” as he calls himself on his FaceBook page. This is him at the real Town Hall meeting that Andy Biggs had for his constituents.

He’s also a member of the Democratic Party in LD 24 and a contributing member and contributing writer of Arizona 5 Voters. Arizona 5 Voters happens to be one of the groups using the Indivisible Guide as made evident by their actions, partnerships with other groups in AZ and by their affiliation with these groups on the Indivisible Guide website showing these groups on a map listed as IndivisibleAZCD5, TheDesertDissenter and AZBlue2020. In fact you can click here to see an article by TJ Cuddy on AZBlue2020’s website. They’re in deep with each other and they are working hard together.

TJ Cuddy ran a campaign so he could promote and put on a fake town hall meeting on behalf of Congressman Andy Biggs, which was never approved by the Congressman and was a ploy.

Nicole Girard

I happened to meet Nicole at the real Andy Biggs Town Hall meeting and it wasn’t pleasant. Nicole is t he person I talked about in my last post who sat behind me and constantly yelled in my ear throughout the meeting. You can read about that here if you want

Nicole also ran a campaign to raise money for a fake town hall meeting for Jeff Flake. The guest speakers were all Democrat’s and none of it was approved of.

She is a political writer for Liberals Unite and according to her page she is into Social & Economic Justice, and cats among other things. She is apparently with a group called Indivisible Phoenix and has organized training meetings for PC’s.

Local Groups


Grassroots organization based in Arizona, tapping into and channeling the energy created in the aftermath of the 2016 elections.

Their mission is “Empowering citizens to turn Arizona into a blue state by 2020”.

This is their introduction video. Which has TJ Cuddy in it.

Take a look at what their plan is as posted on their fundraising page.

“AZ Blue 2020 is a grassroots Political Committee working to empower and engage Arizona citizens in the political process. We are an independent organization of energized volunteers who want to make a difference. Our goal is to elect Democrats at every level to create a Democratic governance in Arizona by 2020. This will ensure that our progressive views and platform are better represented by our elected officials. While our passion is in raising the power of the people, we recognize the necessity of raising funds as well. We are rich in hope, but short on change.

Your contribution will be used to recruit, train and engage Precinct Committeepersons (PCs) throughout the state. It will provide the Legislative Districts and Precinct Committeepersons with meaningful resources and tools they need to empower Democrats to make their voices heard.

We are a movement that can turn this state BLUE with your financial assistance!”


This group’s first statement on the home page of their website is:

“We, the residents of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, advocate for fair representation of the people, by influencing policy through strategic action, education, & community involvement.

We are proud to partner with grassroots organizing efforts from all over the Valley who share in our vision for a more progressive, and more inclusive Arizona.” This statement is right next to this image that touts the #indivisible hashtag.

It seems this group’s main focus is to connect “progressives” and start a revolution.

On the Get Involved page of their website they quote Bernie Sanders and then go on to say. “Starting a revolution requires dedication. If you have passion, but don’t have much free time, you are still an important part of the resistance! You can write letters, make phone calls, research legislation, or talk to your neighbors. Our goal is to engage and connect you to like-minded folks in your own community, CD5.”

The Resources page on the AZCD5 website gives information that was provided by which once again shows that they are all working together.

The Desert Dissenter

Their opening statement on their Home Page is:

“The Trump administration poses a real and serious threat to the country. Here in Arizona, we have a unique opportunity. Senators McCain and Flake have shown the courage to stand up to Trump. With a little support and activism, we can show them that the constituents do not agree with Trump’s toxic agenda.

Here on this blog, we want to give you the tools, encouragement and information to keep you active. Life gets busy, but the Trump administration will not slow down. We have to be there, every day, opposing his dangerous plans.”

Notice the sentence I underlined in that statement? I don’t think it’s a good thing that they see McCain and Flake as potentially giving in to the progressive left.

On their About US page they admit that they “started as an Indivisible chapter” but have changed the focus of their site to “We want to give you the tools, information and encouragement to Resist the Toxic Trump Agenda. That means we want to connect you with local groups, events, information and your community.”

This is priceless… The Make Some Noise page on their site is all about protests. They even state the following and want their members to be “a pain in the ass”.

2) They can be a spur to action for members of congress. Nobody likes a pain in the ass client; you’ll do just about anything to make them stop bothering you. The same is true for our elected officials. Do you think Jeff Flake loves the fact that he can’t go to his local office without squeezing past picketers? Over time this is bound to shape their actions, particularly as election time nears.

This is just a few of the organized groups here in the Valley of the Sun that are working diligently to undermine the majority of citizens and elected officials here in Arizona. They all want to turn Arizona from a majority red state to a blue state. Think about what that would mean? Do we need to be better organized and more diligent in making sure we #KeepAZRed and free from a progressive, liberal, Democrat takeover?

I know we do.

The next article will go into who is behind and we’ll see how far to the top of progressive liberalism it goes.

Would you like to be a part of something big?